Which AAS Give You The Most Strength?

Everyone seems to be different, some get no better strength on Tren Ace than Test, yet others swear it’s the king of strength, some don’t respond well to DBol but get crazy strength on Nandralones… what has worked the best for you all?

In order:

I don’t count testosterone because in my case starting trt obviously skewed my sense of what I could and could not lift.

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What did you take the superdrol with, just your TRT?

Yep, 10mg/d with my trt. Put on like 4lbs in 20 days. It was brutal though.

Even at that dose? I see crazy shit like 50 mg/day, what kind of sides did you get?

what are your thoughts on m1t?
I tried it low dosed for about a week and gained 10 pounds of bloat and High blood pressure.

I was just lethargic by day 11 and by day 19 I felt like I had the flu. No energy, tons of brain fog, etc. I would do it again but probably only if I pulsed it. The results were visually cool, but I don’t think it makes a real difference a month later.

Never touched it, but your experience is pretty common. It sounds like a bad idea in a bottle.