Which AAS Doesn't Suppress Immune System?

I was reading on a different site that 99% of all AAS suppress the immune system to one degree or another. If that’s true, then which ones don’t or are the least harmful in this regard? The reason I ask is that I got hammered with some environmental crap a few years ago and my T levels are low and my immune system seems like it can’t fight off much. So much so, that I rarely shake hands anymore.

(This idea was first started by my gym pals who know I get sick so much that they don’t want to catch anything. I don’t mind, I don’t want to pass them anything.)

If there is an AAS that doesn’t knock me down further, then I may be able to talk my MD into prescribing it. Of course, I’d either need HCG or Clomid or something, too, unless the AAS is a wonder drug and doesn’t shut down T production, too, like the test cream I was given by my last MD did. (While I’m at it, which ones don’t tend to shut down T poduction at moderate dosages? Are there any?)


Your natural Test production is immune system depressive.

Just to let you know.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Westclock wrote:
Your natural Test production is immune system depressive.

Just to let you know.

Where did you get this info from?


Just google testosterone and immune system.



They aren’t sure EXACTLY why, its certainly not proven, its just a correlation that is accepted by much of the medical community as fact, but testosterone appears to interfere with the immune system.

They think its part of the reason high T men are so attractive to women, they are big, strong, aggressive, and must be VERY healthy to maintain their health long term.

Now its importance on your health by FAR out weighs its immune system depressive affects.

But Im quite sure it is technically qualified as a suppressant, granted a very mild one.

Its safe to say I have very high testosterone if you catch my drift and I haven’t been sick with even a cold since highschool.

So I would say its affects are insignifigant.

If I am wrong some one correct me lol.
But if you want to boost it, I belive Deca and primo do this.

Ask Bushy he would know more than me. lol

It’s a vast oversimplification to the point of having much too much wrong with it to be useful to state that testosterone or androgens in general “depress” the immune system.

What is correct is that androgens generally reduce incidence of autoimmune disease – they reduce this excess response of the immune system. It is believed that lower androgen levels are why women are much more prone to autoimmune disease than men are.

While that could I suppose be called “depressing” the immune system, it’s not a bad thing.

The day you notice men generally coming down more colds, flus, respiratory infections, and various other minor infections than women do - speaking on average - then maybe give the idea of testosterone “depressing” the immune system in an overall idea a touch of possibility as maybe having something to it.

As long as either the opposite appears true or there remains, if there is not, no significant difference in this regard, obviously something is wrong with the idea.

Also, with regard to androgen being administered in amounts giving supraphysiological levels, while I know of no study on the matter (there may be one, it’s just that if so I haven’t read it and it seems quite likely that there may be no such study)

so far as what is commonly reported by users, Westclock’s personal report of finding himself if anything enjoying enhanced resistance to colds and general minor illnesses isn’t unusual at all.

Many have found this true for themselves. I don’t know the reason. It wouldn’t have to be direct: for example it could be from enhanced work capacity indirectly aiding the immune system by the body being less “drained” so to speak from physical demands;

perhaps there might be less catabolism of glutamine and this might help the immune system; or who knows what. The important thing is the result though, if one happens to be one of those experiencing it.

Thanks for the feedback and info. I did notice that none of my friends who were on the needle really ever got sick when they were. I got that statement about T suppressing the immune system from a popular .com steroid website.

I wasn’t sure about it, so I asked here, where I can get the opinion of experts and of those with experience in the matter. I’m glad you guys were gracious enough to pass on your knowledge.

I’m just trying to plan ahead for when I’m done with doctors, whether they’ve figured out how to make me better or not. As far as I can figure, that’ll be next year sometime. If they can’t make me feel better, then my friendly neighborhood juicer might be able to make me feel at least a little better, so I’m building a shopping list. It’s been 7 years of this crap and I’m sick of it.

Thanks again, guys!