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Which AAS Boost the Immune System and Which Don't?

Im interested to know Which AAS boost the immune system and which don’t?

I have been on corticosteroids in march and now have a weakened immune system and get sick often and im prone to infections as such… i need to be on TRT ASAP but am afraid it will make my immune system even weaker and make me even more prone to infections.

Just any info about which particular AAS boost or suppress the immune system would be great.


You could always ask your doctor about something to boost your immune system.

Yes i could ask my doctor your right… i have some gastroenteritis its making me nuts

Im just interested to know what specific steroids have different effects on immunity.

I have read testosterone is immunosuppressive and nandrolone boosts immunity…

i’d just like to know the reason for this… and why their are such different effects on the body from different AAS.

Dont get me wrong its not like im planning to use Deca for my TRT to boost my immunity thats ridicilous as test is the only way to go just want some opinions or if possible data on this as i have not found anything on the net.