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Which AAS Available in Thailand?


I'm going to be in Thailand in 6 months, and am wondering if the following substances are available:
Trenbolone (various esters)

I didn't include testosterone, because I'm sure that it's available.

Please let me know,

BTW, I know there are other threads about this. I've already used the search function. I'm asking because some of these compounds aren't talked about, and I'm under the impression that the AAS situation in Thailand is changing, so I'm seeking info on the current situation.


Trenbolone - sometimes, but usually not
Masteron -
Anavar - oxandrolone is, under the brands Bonavar and Oxandrin, I believe
Halotestin - yes, definitely, but I wouldn’t recommend it, because you have easy access to Anabol (D-bol), oxymetholone and Winstrol.

You guessed right about the testosterone.


Cool, thanks for the reply. Are you in Thailand right now? I’m thinking about staying in Pattaya. They have alot of gyms, etc.


Thanks for the reply.
Are you in Thailand? I’m thinking about staying in Pattaya. Lots of gyms, nightlife, etc.


Cheers! I’ll be there at the end of September - I hope.


Hi guys, new to the site and have some questions about lifting in Thailand for 2 months. I plan on being in Thailand for 8 weeks (Sept and Oct 2010) and was wondering your thoughts on training there–where to go, who to see about juice and how to find a trainer to both train me as hard as possible and inject? (major needle phobia here, eek). Anyway, any thoughts? I’m game for any city as long as it’s got chicken, fish, cheap accom., women and I have access to a great gym and trainer. Also, how much does a trainer run there? All info greatly appreciated. Peace.


You’re the only person who’ll stay in Pattaya for “good gyms.” lol

Have fun.

I don’t know what the steroid situation is there, however.


I found anavar but it was much more expensive than I expected. A box of 50 2.5 mg tabs for 850 baht.


you’ll probably arrive in Bangkok, there’s a pharmacy, all I can remember is the address in “sukhumvit soi 5” but I scoured everywhere ad this was the best one, in 2004 500 10mg dbol where $28! all real (I’m in the UK, that was about £12 at the time)

cant help you with the injections, get an injection guide translated into Thai and get one of your women to do it :wink:

Have fun…


i was over in thailand 7 months ago,and AAS are still very easy to get.i bought 10 amps of sustanon for about 16bucks(australian).most pharmacys stock gear but you will pay more in pattaya as thats were most of the bodybuilders go and the pharmacists know theres a good market.

Koh samui,particualry in lamai has a couple of good gyms,some awesome bungalows bye the beach and a cheap place to kick back and eat loads betwwen training sessions.probably cost you round 30 bucks for a month membership at the newest gym in lamai in koh samui.dont know about being trained though the owner is a pom but no bodybuilder and the local guys are pretty clueless about weight training in general.shit hot if you want to learn muay thai though :wink:


Thailand seems like an awesome place to go, I am hoping to go before the year is out.
Anybody else like to share their expierances of the women/training/AAS etc.