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Which 531 Percentages to Use?.


OK I tried searching but can't find discussion of this. In 531, Wendler gives two tables of percentages to work out your weights and reps. He states both work and that currently that he is using the first of them.

Anyone have any feedback on using one over the other, preferences and reasons why??


Have you read the book?
Step 1: find your true 1RM.
Step 2: take 90% of that 1RM, this is now your 'training max'.
Step 3: use the number obtained in step 2 is what you use in the table.

Example: your true 1RM is 100kgs, therefore your training max is 90kgs. If you are doing 70% for 5 reps, you would use 63kgs as it is 70% of your training max.


Yes, have you??? (not trying to start a flaming war) there are two tables that take that 90% and convert them into reps and weights for each week. It's on page 22 of the book.

One table has Week 1 = 65%, 75% and 85% for 5 reps, the other table has 75%, 80% and 85% for 5 reps.


65,75,85 seems like a better way to ramp up

the other ones are too close together


I actually prefer using the latter table because the jumps are smaller. But I'm currently using the former table with my current template. I would do a cycle of both and see what you like better but I would start with the first table.



OK funnily enough I did a few cycles using the first template a year or so back. Have just come back to 5/3/1 and am using the second one (just in the last week of my first cycle) was planning to see how I go and switch if I seem to stall out or not make progress. Was interested to see other opinions though


Oh yes my bad I read your question wrong, sorry! I use the first table using the 65,75,85% ramping system because I feel like it warms me up better for the final set while also letting me have more energy for that final set.


He gave you a choice. Decide for yourself, as what will work for one, will not necessarily work for another.

No pros or cons.

No better.

No preference.

It's your body.



LOL, no worries, I'm trying out the second at the moment seeing if the higher intensity gives me a better response. Just looking to see if anyone else has a view



-If your focus is more volume at a high percentage then you want to use table 2.
-If your focus is as many reps as possible on that final set, then you want to use table 1.


just 2 different ways to ramp to 85%. Some people's neurology might favor one over the other...