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Which 5/3/1 Book to Buy?


From Amazon it’s unclear whether beyond 5/3/1 builds on the original 5/3/1 or if it is just a newer updated version. Please could someone who knows the books tell me which is best to buy if I can only buy one.


Beyond and the 2nd Edition are both great buys - but in Beyond there are a few references to the 2nd Edition/original book that assumes you’ve already read it or have it to reference the various templates. The Simple Strength Template isn’t in Beyond 5/3/1, but was basically replaced by the 5s progression which is. Also, Beyond has many more templates than the 2nd Edition, including the Beyond 5/3/1 Program.

Buy one, and when you get bored with it, but the other. And a new book is coming out soon - buy that one too.

I bought Beyond before I bought the 2nd Edition; you really can’t go wrong with either. One thing is that the 2nd edition has some very basic templates in it, whereas Beyond gets rather creative and expands upon the original through Jim’s revelations and personal experience. - my opinion as the reader, perhaps he has a much different perspective.


Thank you for such a detailed answer, I’ll buy the 2nd edition now.


When is the new book coming out?


Jim has mentioned in other threads that it will come out this fall.


Honestly, they’re all great buys and I look at every book weekly. You aren’t gonna regret buying them!


Good choice. I bought the second edition, then a day or two later bought Beyond. Based my first two cycles on the second edition and once I had a feel for 531 by cycle 3 I started finding Beyond much more useful.


Planning to buy the second edition as soon as I finish reading my current book then I’ll buy beyond after a few cycles. Funds are a bit short as a student unfortunately.