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Which 2 Day Template Would be More Efficient to Build Size?


Due to family, work and continuing education responsibilities I am going to shift to going to the gym twice per week (not including conditioning). Strength is my goal (obviously), but I’d also like to put on some size (currently 170 lbs at 5’10"). I’ve been consistently training for 7 months.
In beyond 531 there are two templates: on page 42 consisting of one day squat and bench and another of deadlift and press. On page 59 there is another template consisting of rotating through the four lifts in two week cycles. Which of these two templates would be better for building mass? thanks,

Background information:
Deadlift 2 reps x 275 lbs
Squat 2 x 190
Bench 2 x 170
Press 1 x 125


The more common one that I have seen being used is the first you described. The other option that you mentioned would work, too.

I know it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but you’d be fine with either one. As long as you put in the work consistently, you’ll see progress. Whichever one jumped out at you when you first looked is the one I would try first. Run it for two cycles as written. See how that goes and adjust. Maybe try the other one next.

Jim has mentioned “eating for performance.” In your case, you want to be bigger, so you need to eat like you want to be bigger. Whatever you’re eating now per meal, make an honest effort to add something more than what you usually have at each meal. That’s how you get bigger. You could do all the sets and reps you want, but if you don’t add to your intake, you won’t get any bigger.


Both templates “work”, neither one is " better" just different.
Run one, either one, for 3-5 cycles then run the other.
Just as, or more, importantly for your stated “goal” is EAT for size.


My advice is this:

Do the template that allows all 4 lifts over the course of 1 week. As a newer lifter you need more frequent practice with the lifts in order to become more efficient. Plus, your strength levels are such that recovery won’t be an issue.

The latter template works better for older lifters who can execute a perfect, fast squat at 90% in their sleep and are lifting poundage that take a while longer to recover from.

Good luck


I tracked my calories all last week, so I have a good idea of how much I need to eat and estimate portions well. I’ll squat/bench and deadlift/press template and add in other lifts as time and recovery allow (pull-ups, rows, farmers walks, db pressing, dips, push-ups, good mornings).


Sounds like a solid plan. Just make sure to eat more than you do now if you want to grow.