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Which 1RM Do I Add Weight to Each Cycle?


At the beginning of each cycle 5lbs (for upper body) is added to your 1RM. Is this the 1RM you started with or any new 1RM you achieve during the cycle you’ve just completed?

For example, if at the start of cycle 1 I could bench 120lbs for 6 reps, my calculated 1RM would be 144lbs. 90% of this is 130lbs.

In week 3 my 1+ set would be 95% of 130 which is 124lbs. If I managed 6 reps then my calculated 1RM is now 149lbs.

So at the start of cycle 2 do I add 5lbs to the initial 1RM of 144 or to the new 1RM of 149?


5 lbs to your TM, which should be 80-90% of your 1RM.

That is, if this is 5/3/1 you’re asking about.


TM and 1RM are two different things. You add 5lbs to your TM lime Tepford said. So, you would calculate your percetages off 135lbs. If I am understanding you correctly :wink:


Thanks for your responses so far guys. Yes I am talking about 5/3/1.

I now understand that I add 5lbs to my TM not my 1RM. So in my example, at the beginning of cycle 1 my TM=130lbs (90% of 144lbs 1RM). But at the start of cycle 2 I could say my TM=134lbs (90% of my new 149lbs 1RM).

If I’ve understood, I add 5lbs to my original TM of 130lbs not to my new TM of 134lbs. Is that correct?


At this point you totally forget about your 1RM. Your Training Max is as follows: Cycle 1: 130; Cycle 2: 135; Cycle 3: 140; Cycle 4: 145…


Thank you :slight_smile: