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Wheybolic Pre and Postworkout?

I was wondering how this pre and post workout schedule looks.

pre-workout- 20 grams of wheybolic with added bcaa,5 grams of xtend bcaa drink

during workout-5 grams of xtend

post workout-

immidiately after-25g dextrose, 25g maltodextrine, 4 ounces of orange juice

30 min after-30 grams of wheybolic and 8 ounce of milk

the reason i wait so long for the whey is because thats how long it says on the bottle and I know Surge is better than my sugar drink but onyl being 17 its a little to costly.

If you can’t afford Surge why are you buying xtend?

hmm that is a good question, well i just realized that my wheybolic is acually 20 bucks more than Surge so now knowing that i can buy Surge should i buy Metabolic Drive too? can you help construck a pre and post?

sure. it’s simple.

1: Get Surge and Grow!/Metabolic Drive (depending on which works best financially for you).

2: Before you hit the gym, eat a meal consisting of carbs (oatmeal, grains/bread, etc) and protein (2-3 scoops of the whey you bought).

3: Before you leave, mix your Surge(2-3 scoops depending on bodyweight - read the label). Bring it with you.

4: train

5: as soon as you finish, down your Surge and go home.

6: about 90 minutes after having the Surge, eat a meal consisting of (roughly) 2/3 carbs and 1/3 protein. Avoid adding a ton of fat to this meal.

7: Repeat