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Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone can offer me their views on what they think bout EAS’ Simply Whey Protein powders. I have been using them for quite some time, and haven tried others asthey are significantly much more expensive. Also, I read in an article that it doesnt matter what quality protein you are taking. Timing and the amount plays a bigger part. Advice anyone? Also, is it better to consume milk instead of a protein shake before we go to bed due to the slow release of casein?

I remember and article in MM about 5 years ago (just before the BFL fiasco) where Dan Duchaine said that the quality of the whey is not as important as some may think. He figured most bulk whey concentrates were about 75-80% whey and for 30 bucks that was a great amount of whey for the money. His only concern was some of the byproducts in the other 20%. However he did not say much other than that. I have been using Simply Whey for about 2 years now and love it. Mixes well, tastes OK and does not cause the usual buildup of ass-air, and that keeps the wife happy. I know there are lots of people who bunk the cheap bulk wheys, but hey the choice is up to you. I say go with it.

Buildup of ass hair??? Protein causes that?? lol. Anyway, I like Optimum Nutrition Whey, mixes very well, high protein content, and low cholesterol content (something to check… some brands have high cholesterol!). It seems very reasonably priced to me. Another thing to remember… check the cost per serving! I used to use a cheaper brand that came in a 6lb tub (“One pound FREE!”). When I checked the servings, the Optimum Nutrition had the same number even though it was only 5lbs (it had smaller scoops, less filler).

I’m going to put in my two cents worth here. For the most part I think the 5lb tub o whey’s are low quality. Just use simple math. Obviously you are paying for a lot of carbs and fat with whey concentrates.
I have had many customers switch from 5lb whey stuff to a quality 2lber and see and feel a difference. Read the protein insider article a few issues back and then reevaluate your thoughts of 5lb wheys.