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Whey Wine?

Before I made some money and got some Surge, I’d been using the same bottle for about 4 months of training to put my homemade PWO of gatorade and cheap whey powder in. The other day I checked the bottle and it smells just like jail made wine. Being the nice guy that I am, I’ve let more than a few people smell it and they all ask if I’d had liquor in the bottle.


Well this is pretty simple really. Gatorade and whey protein is essentially what you use to grow bacteria or yeast in the lab (simple sugars, amino acids and some salts). You either got yeast and/or bacteria in there, you kept them in a perfect solution, largely air tight, they fermented the simple sugars in the gatorade and whey protein (since these mixes usually have some sugar) and you get alcohol. Not a big surprise.

And here I was about to earn a blue chip from AA. Think they’ll find out?