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whey vs. casein

In Nov. 2002 MM art. hormonal dieting it says whey has a very potent effect in boosting insulin levels and the only time you would want to boost insulin levels is immediately after a workout. Slow digesting proteins such as casein should be used otherwise.

Is this true?

T-mag has been writing about this for about three years now. Very old news. Actually, a blend of casein and whey is best except for post-workout. See the “Battle of the Proteins” article at T-mag. See what happens when you read MM? You get behind! :slight_smile:

I guess I should clarify my questions.

1)Is it true whey spikes insulin?
2)Is it true I only want to spike insulin after a workout?
3)Should I only eat whey after a workout?
4)does whey/casein combo neutralize insulin spike?

I know T-mag said the best is whey/casein combo but if whey spikes insulin and insulin spike is bad, than maybe I should use just casein when not working out. Maybe the casein neutralizes the insulin?

seeking opinions.

You didn’t read the article, did you? Okay, here’s another you won’t read: “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle”.

But since I’m feeling like Mother Theresa today, the answers to your Q’s are: 1) yes 2) yes, 3) yes, actually use Surge if you want something ideal 4) mostly. “Lessen” or “control” is a better word than neutralize, BTW.

Thanks for the responses and articles.
I guess I still don’t have an answer to my original question.
The MM article and your last response would seem to indicate I should separate casein and whey protein, casein for rest and whey for post-workout, but the T mag article “battle of the proteins” says a combination is best. Unless he meant by combining them as “taking them both but separately at separate times.”
They seem to be contradicting opinions so I’m still wondering which is right. Separating the two seems to be the correct approach, based on the MM article and your confirmation repsonse.

Also, in the article "“Solving the Post Workout Puzzle”:

What is the definition of Endurance athletes or endurance training?

Is aerobic exercise considered endurance training?


Whey after training (Surge).

Mixture other times (Grow!)

Soy never.

Those are the products I use and swear by at least.

actually having pure whey isolate upon awakening after a fast period might be good, because it will rush aminos quickly into the blood and replenish any diminished levels after the sleeping fast period. For breakfast i have 88 grams whey protein isolate with 88 grams of pure oats, honey, and cinammon. I believe it gives me the needed energy to start off my day and i know that i will have positive nytrogen balance. Besides, if i’m eating every three hours or so then i should have decent protein levels throughout the day. I also use casein but mostly at pre bedtime or when i know i will not eat for a long time. laters pk