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Whey Too Much Confusion

I am confused with all of the contradictions about carbs and supplements. I have been dieting and weight training for a few months and do see progress (lost 8 pounds already to 162 with BF% going from 23 to 21).

I am eating 6 times a day but since I am at work often I usually just add whey powder (ON 100% Whey or Muscle Milk Light) to some water for a snack. However, when I am working out in the mid afternoon I take a serving of ON 100% Whey before the workout and another afterwards. I usually keep the Muscle Milk Light as a pre-bedtime drink and mid-morning snack due to the creatin content.

My concern is whether or not I am getting the carbs I need post workout (only a few grams per serving in the protein powders) and whether or not my four servings a day routine is right. This site seems to recommend Surge with the high carbs which I am willing to try but at 21% body fat I still have some concerns.

Oh, and I take 2 capsules of Flameout in the morning and another 2 at night.

It’s good that you’re eating often, but you should try to eat protein coming from solid food rather than the whey during the day other than lifting time. Also, you should be having the creatine right after lifting.

You probably don’t need many carbs since you’re trying to cut down. Don’t get me wrong…if you’re intent on keeping them, then having them when lifting is the time to do it.

Try typing in the search bar “Destroying Fat”, “Carb cycling codex”, “meltdown training”, and “Redefined physique transformation”

BTW, are you sure about that BF percentage? 162 lbs at over 20% bodyfat at 5’9" doesn’t quite add up. If you’re off, perhaps a slow bulk for a few months with some added cardio is in order