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Whey Substitution


Im going for a more intense program that will require my protein intake to be higher. Since Ill have to pound some Whey to HELP(not to do the job of) me achieve my goals I want to know if it is OK, Worse or even Better (since Im going to ingest more protein) to change my Optimum Nutrition Whey (hydrolyzed, isolated and concentrated) for a regular or even close to low quality Whey that is much cheaper, and spares me from thinking twice before dropping 3-4 scoops into my shake.


I use a regular WHEY for daily shakes but ALWAYS PWO with an Isolate,, the ISO is gonna cost you but its worth the gains and recovery after training,, a regular WHEY at any other time will do the trick, and is easier on the wallet.. I'd buy both IMO


You'd be better off using a whey hydrolyslate PWO.


Try buying the ON in the dog food bag, i think its 10 lbs. The trick is finding the deals, you can pick it up under $60 if you look hard enough. Personally I use this in combination with my Biotest products, usually add it to my morning shake to have a kick start and a scoop with my Surge post workout to reduce the sugar content.(my body is insanely sensitive to carbs and I'll blowup like the marshmallow puff man from ghostbusters.)