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Whey Shots Worth It?


Any clue if these are worth buying? They seem very convenient when in a pinch.


3 oz.
176 Cals
42 g protein

Protein blend (Blend Of Enzymatically Hydrolyzed (Predigested) Collagenic Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Casein Protein Isolate)

Wasn't so sure about the Collagenic Proetein Isolate. Anyone have an idea on how that goes for bio-availability?


Collagen proteins usually require a digestive enzyme called collagenase to be absorbed at all by the body, making them have a very poor bioavailability to most individuals. Those shots are convenient, but there are other RTD’s that will be better absorbed.

look into worldwide sport pure protein rtd’s or a similar product if you for some reason can’t mix your own from powder.


Collagen, hydrolysed collagen, gelatine, hydrolysed gelatine, hydrolysed protein… all pretty much the same thing and something to avoid in your protein supps.


I like them. I use the ones from IDS. All of them taste good to me but I really like the grape one best. I don’t use them often but they do come in handy when I am on the go or camping.