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Whey Shake Before Workout?


Does it really do anything a good meal cant do? Is it necessary? I usually eat breakfast then have a whey shake an hour later.(steel cut oats, whole milk, 25 gm whey and half a banana) Then i wait an hour befor the gym, i threw up on monday , sick stomach, and it seems the protein shake was still in my stomach, im not trolling im seriously asking if its still in my stomach, by the time i get to the gym, what use does it have if its still there? How long should i wait if its nessary? Or should i eat it with my breakfest and wait sometime befor going to the gym?


Nah it doesn't do anything that a meal couldn't do... unless you feel sick from eating and training with little time in between.

Nutrients are useless in your stomach, and even more useless if you chuck. Nutrients are only useful when digested. Quite a blanket statement.

Ever thought of waking up an hour earlier with a pre-made drink in the fridge? Sculling it and going back to sleep? That way it would roughly be 2 hours instead of 1 between breakfast and gym.


Was this the first time it made you throw up? The oats and whole milk make that a pretty substantial shake, especially if you just had breakfast an hour before. It could just be too much "stuff" in your stomach.

Not sure what you're asking. What use is a pre-workout meal? It gives you calories and energy to "use" during the workout. Useful if you're bulking or training for strength, not so useful if you're trying to burn fat.

Shakes are sometime used instead of whole food because they usually digest faster, unless they're loaded with fat and fiber (like, um, from whole milk and oats). That's one benefit of whey over other protein sources, the faster digestion/absorption.

That's an individual thing. I know people who can finish chewing a sandwich as they're gripping the bar, and I know people who can't eat two hours pre-workout or else they yak.

I'd try it for a while, adding at least some of the shake's calories to your breakfast. If you want, have something a little lighter an hour pre-workout, maybe just the half-banana and whey in water. But a lot of it depends on your goals (hypertrophy, fat loss, etc.)


Well, my goal's are Strength then hypertrophy. But the puking thing was just me realizing that its not even digested when i hit the gym, it happened that once and never befor. I take the shake after i already have a breakfest of four eggs, whole wheat toast, some broccoli maybe.

So i dont know if i should wait an hour, and drink the shake, or just go an hour after my breakfest?


I'd either drop the shake and train an hour or two after your breakfast (maybe move the shake to later in the day if you need to keep the calories), or try a lighter/smaller shake a while before training.