Whey Shake and Milk

I’m currently drinking a GNC Whey Protein shake with 21g Protein and 130 if made with 8oz. water. However, I make the shake with 8oz. of milk because it has 8 grams of protein per cup. Because I use milk instead of the suggested water, does the shake lose any potency or metabolize any differently? Should I just stick to water?

Milk protein is 80% casein, which may slow absorption slightly. I can’t see it making a tremendous difference, however. The overall amino acid profile may be slighlty different, but any differences are not going to be substantial.

You may get a bigger kick out of the calcium in the powder though, since lactose enhances calcium absorption.

If you want the additional calories and can tolerate dairy products there is no reason why you shouldn’t use milk.

I know that excess fat can affect the way your body metabolizes protein. Dairy fat may not have much of an effect though, other than slowing it down similar to what others have said, which is not necessarily a bad thing- except PWO.

Thanks for the info guys, although I probably should have mentioned I drink skim.