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Whey Quality ?

I am a grad student that is forced to save a little cash where I can. I have a question about the quality of a whey protein I found on sale at my local food club warehouse. It is on sale for $19.99 for a six lb container. I looked it up on the companies web site and found it retails for $29. I have read that if a company is not charging around $25 for a couple lbs of whey then they are either losing money or using ingredients of questionable quality. I need to save some jack some where. I really dont want to change to buying cheaper whole foods of lesser quality. So I am leaning toward saving on supplements, but dont want to sacrifice quality. I currently use and plan to continue the use of Low Carb Grow for my bedtime protein needs, so I would use this product for a base for my post workout shake and various other times when I need some protein. So I was wondering if this whey is worth the savings or just a waste. Any feedback on this or any other way to save a few bucks on quality supplements would be great.

I never buy cheap/inexpensive supplements.

buy animal protein when it is on sale. tuna for .33 a can…and stock up.

There are other places to trim a budget, your supplements isn’t one of them.

just my humble little opinion.

Protein is a food. Whether it’s milk that’s spray dried, had the lactose removed, the casein separated from the whey or if the breasts are ripped out of the chicken and tossed on a grill.

Does the protein powder have protein in it? How much? The “quality” of the protein really means not a whole lot. Put and extra 1/4 scoop of the “inferior” stuff in there and save some money to spend on chicken, which has a lot less protein percentage than the cheapest whey on the market BTW.

I’m of the opinion that, if the price of a high quality protein powder is going to keep you from buying any, then a somewhat lower quality protein powder is definitely better than none at all.

Just read the label and don’t go for the bargain basement, dirt-cheap kind, whose ingredients may be suspect.

Thanks all. Just wanted some opinions.