Whey Protiens and Absorption Rates

So from what i have gathered from reading T-Nation

POST WORKOUT PROTEIN- fast absorption is a good thing


any non post workout shakes it is better to have be absorbed slowly…right?

Obviously one(expensive) solution to this problem would be to buy 2 kinds of whey, one slow absorp, one fast absorp (which is 90 percent of whey supps right?)

however, somewhere in my readings i heard that if you drink Milk with whey protein it slows down the absorption rate

What im getting at here is would it be a good solution to buy just one kind of whey (fast absorp) and drink it with milk to slow down its absorption but then after a workout drink it with something like orange juice or water so it would have maximum absorb speed

so whats the deal people? i am completely out to lunch on this solution or what? Id rather just buy one brand of Protein…