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Whey Protien Shakes, How Much?

Ive been reading threads and I think ill start taking them. I weigh 225-240 on a givin day, how much should I be taking? Looking for strength. I train Mondays tuesdays thursdays and fridays. And please dont give me any bullshit about how this should be in supplement section, I never get good answers in there.

Take them after training.

Take them before or during training if you want or your training lasts a long time.

Take them when you haven’t had enough protein, or it’s been a while since your last meal.

Take them with breakfast if you don’t get much protein with breakfast.

Take them before bed if you aren’t worrying about weight gain.

I think that covers everything, and it’s in the order of importance, more or less.

  1. You should be getting at least 1 gram per pound of body weight.

  2. Try using a protein shake that contains a protein matrix(whey, egg protein & casein combined)

  3. I take a protein shake in the morning, before my workouts and after my workouts.



I use about 4 scoops of protein in a given day. That’s 88g from whey. I take in between 300-330g/day at a BW of 210ish.

Do what works. I use protein shakes before/after training, and usually one other time during the day because I don’t want to cook another meal or I need an extremely portable snack.

Just don’t go crazy with it, and tray to get most of your protein from real food.

Real food wins over any protein powder, but in a pinch you can’t beat a shake.

I use three a day on training days: one right before with minimal protein and lots of carbs from fruit, one right after with lots of sugary carbs and fast protein (Surge works great here), and one before bed with lots of casein and fats from whole raw eggs and peanut butter.