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Whey Protien Makes Me Nauseous


I (finally) figured out that whey protein makes me nauseous. I had been using it for a while and my appetite went to complete shit and i felt sick frequently. I use a met-rx brand and it is a mix of whey concentrate and isolate. I thought it may be due to me being lactose intolerant( even though i can drink milk and feel pretty decent) So I bought the lactase enzyme pills and took one right before drinking a shake with 2 cups of whole milk and 2 scoops of whey and I STILL felt extremely nauseous 10 minutes later. What should I do?


try straight whey isolate... concentrate messes with people sometimes. There's a bunch of isolate stuff you can look for, like microfiltration, stuff like that.


Try a non-dairy protein powder.

Rice protein powder

Pea Protein

Beef protein powder


As soon as I read the first line I though Lactose Intolerant and then you confirmed it. But I though whey was Ok for people who are lactose intolerant??? Anyway im guessing that is the problem.

Sucks huh I love whey



If not you're probably lactarded.

Egg whites are my 2nd choice to whey. You can often get deals on bulk egg whites in gallon jugs.

Good luck,


whey protein spikes insulin soemwhat...

if there is not enough glucose in the bloodstream, you will feel slightly hypoglecemic...

try drinking the protein with a mixed meal and see what happens...


Whey protein is for cows. Drink human protein.

I'm serious. PM me.

Say goodbye to nauseousness, bloating, and having to go to the bathroom.