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Whey protien and Milk

I went to a seminar last week it was conducted by the Tennessee Titans strength coach. He said if you mix your whey in milk it defeats the purpose of the predigestible enzyme in the protien. He said it will really slow down the absorbtion. Is this true or hype?

I don’t know about the “predigestible protein bit” but it seems to make some sense, as the other protiens in milk are absorbed more slowly than the whey protein.

In practice, doesn’t make too much of a difference, I would guess.

Dan “Maybe if you’re one of the Titans Male Cheerleaders…” McVicker

If you mix the protein pdr with milk that contains fat (not skim) then the fats will slow down the digestion process. As well, as Dan stated the casein in milk might have an effect also.


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I couldn’t help but notice this thread. It’s been an ongoing debate (elsewhere) regarding what may turn out to be a mere nuance.

Basically, current literature agrees with Thunder, Dan and pretty much everyone who’s posted. Although fat and other things (solids vs liquids, meal size, etc.) can indeed slow gastric emptying, there’s also factors to consider like oil separation and layering (floating to the top) in the stomach. This could well result in less interference with whey emptying in to the duodenum.

And considering that a post-workout nutritional window continues for 2-3 or more hours, one might even say who cares? Overall, there’s probably just a modest effect on whey protein from additional foods in the gut. Here’s a quote for the group, by Dangin, et al.:

“Dietary carbohydrates and lipids have been reported to affect gastric emptying and to modulate protein metabolism by postprandial changes in substrates and/or in hormonal concentrations. Therefore, the absorption rate of dietary proteins and their impact on postprandial protein metabolism will likely be affected by these nonprotein energy sources.”


“Our preliminary results suggest that, in COMPLETE MEALS, WP was still more rapidly absorbed than CAS… although the differences in digestion rate and in leucine balance were less marked than when the proteins were given alone.”


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I remember reading that the whey and casein in milk are digested separately (in a JB article I think). If so, I would guess that the addition of whey in powdered form to milk wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’m no expert and it seems that the verdict already seems to be that’s it’s ok.

All this talk got me wondering about something. Does anyone know if pre-mixing whey protein shakes is ok? My guess is that whey is stable when mixed in a liquid. Anyone know for sure? Could certain types of liquids or other ingredients cause the protein to be denatured - is that the correct terminology - (e.g. if mixed in juice or something acidic and left to stand too long would the whey lose any of its properties)?

Lonnie, I don’t trust any protein metabolism data outside UTMB.:slight_smile: Nice ref.

The PS differences are always small enough, in the grand scheme of things, that you’d have to consistently do this over a 20 year period to do a difference.