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Whey Protein

What do you guys think about just using Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate as the only source of protein powder supplementaion? I like the taste of it, it mixes very easily and isnt heavy or bloaty in the gut and the big plus it is near carb free and fat free. I was thinking of ordering it from the Protien Factory (used to use Isopure), cause then I can add in aminogen, splenda (or some other sweetener), and glutamine peptides, all which Isopure lacks. With all this craze over the various types of whey and which ones are better, and that casein may be better than whey, and that a blend of whey&casein is the wya to go, I am so confused. Any help and feedback would be great. My biggest concern is to keep it as carb and fat free as possible. Thanks alot everyone.

If you’re looking for more of a casein, whey mixture and your biggest concern is for it to be as low in carbs and fat as possible, I would go with protein factory’s milk protein isolate. If you’re looking for some of the health benefits associated with whey, I would go with CFM whey isolate. How big a difference will it make which one you go with? Probably very little. One thing about the milk protein isolate though: it doesn’t mix well without a blender (i.e., a shaker cup probably won’t do it).

Joe, I would say go with your plan. I really think this whole protein superiority/inferiority craze has gone way too far! Look at a lot of guys in prison, eating prison food, that lift weights and look like a million bucks. I have a friend who’s a vegetarian, gets all his protein from grains and a little dairy food, and he’s fuckin strong and looks damn good. As long as you’re getting some type of ‘high quality’ protein, you’ll be fine!

Whey and cassiane is the way to go! Better yet a blend of Whey/Cassiane/milk isolates & egg protein. Whatever you do, don’t use just whey as your primary source, it’s absorbed to quickly and puts your body into a catabolic state too quickly.

Thanks guys for the input. Now that I have been thinking of it, I think Maclar is 100% right. Jim, you may have a point, but we as weight trainers are told to eat/drink some kind of protein every few hours. So even if I took whey isolate alone, and it absorbs fast, but I will be eating or drinking more protein soon anyway. Any more input is appreciated.