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Whey Protein vs Gainer


there is this thing a shop assistant in an unnamed sports nutrition store told me.
Well, I basically asked about his recommendations on whey protein shakes and gainers. He told me that if I wanted to gain muscle, I should definitely buy a gainer, and that I would never gain a single pound of muscle if I stayed with whey protein supplements.

To say a bit more about him, he was a guy in his forties and said he'd been working out a long time, so he certainly was experienced, but there were also other things he said that didn't seem valid to me. For example, he also stated that to gain muscle, it is necessary to up the calorie intake even to 7000 kcal a day.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that the human body doesn't really need fat, only about 10 grams a day, and that olive oil, for example, isn't an appropriate source of it. At least he admitted that fatty fish like salmon are beneficial...

I think his opinions are wrong, but I wanted to ask you, experienced lifters. Firstly, what do you think, can these shop assistents be trusted? They are supposed to know their job, but I'd rather believe you. Secondly, what do you think about gainers? I think getting quality calories from proper meals is better, supplements are called supplements after all...


"I would never gain a single pound of muscle if I stayed with whey protein supplements."

"he also mentioned that the human body doesn't really need fat, only about 10 grams a day,"


The only nutrient your body does not need is carbs.. You have essential amino acids (protein) and fats, but you don't HAVE to eat carbs..

I like to get about 35 % of my calories from protein, 35 % from carbs and 30 % from fat.

And when it comes to building muscles, you need to train hard, eat and rest sufficiant. You don't need gainers, and you dont need whey supplements. But it can definitely help.


ever hear of ketoacidosis?

your body does need carbs.

the whole point of a weight gainer shake is to help you reach your caloric goals for the day. It does this mainly through protein/carb intake through the shake, but some have some fat in there as well.

when bulking I am definitely a fan of a weight gainer shake. I mean getting 600-800 cals in one shake sounds like a winner to me.

Yes some people like myself need 6-7k cals a day to grow.

Whey by itself provides a decent protein supp and great pwo, but I prefer to take a blended protein one with both whey and casien proteins. I am also a believer in having carbs in your protein shake, especially pwo as to make use of the insulin response post training that is great for recovery.

you can build muscle with a whey supplement, but keep in mind it is just a 'supplement' to your diet. so if your diet is squared away that whey protein supplement should just be used to help you meet your protein and caloric goals for the day.



and to answer your question about shop assistants. I work at a supplement store and I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about...but I can't speak for everybody as I've been in a TON of stores where the person doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Better to do your own research and learn yourself instead of putting all your trust in one person.



I'm not one of the "experienced" lifters, but I think he may have been trying to sell you something... but yes, for the most part you can assume he's an idiot.


Also it's not so much what he said, but that he seemed to be making blanket statements meant to apply to everyone.


Not sure about the "need carbs" thing. Back in the day (way back), people only ate meat and roots.


Gerdy is right. Most clerks are dumb. This one was no exception.


oh really? so ancient man didn't eat fruit?


This is why i buy stuff online.


Thank you, I appreciate your responses.