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Whey Protein vs Eggs

I have doubt whether I need to go for eggs or whey protein powder.
How can we know that the whey protein is not adulterated. This is main fear I am hesitating to purchase whey protein. If you guys have any idea on it plz clear. For protein requirement I can eat only eggs since I am vegetarian . I workout 4 times a week and have lean body.
Main fear stopping me from taking whey is adulteration. Since I am trying to stay clean There can be steroid tablets mixed in it.
Which brand is reliable??
How to test purity of whey protein??

Why limit yourself to one and not eat both ? That’s what I do.

You are vegetarian so eat plenty of beans, chick peas, rice to get complete proteins.

That’s why protein shakes should be a supplement and not your main source of proteins: at least you know what you eat when it is whole foods. Don’t overthink it too much: most main brands will be fine.


I am not from USA so getting authentic whey protein imported from USA is difficult here. They will make adject replica of packing and the material inside will be just gear.

If it’s a legitimate issue where you’re from, it’s probably best to steer clear of whey entirely. It’s not worth it if it’s keeping you up at night.

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While it would be nice, they don’t spike WPI with gear. Fillers and lactose from concentrate would be a bigger concern as WPI isn’t a cheap product even at the wholesale level.

Stick to eggs, you might even be at an advantage if it’s your only source of protein as they have a superior amino acid profile compared to other sources not to mention a ton of other nutrients in them. Don’t throw away the yolks - ship them to me if you aren’t going to eat them.


Any company spiking a cheaper product with a more expensive product and selling it at the cost of the former tends to go out of business pretty fast.


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Eating 20 egg whites each day and have gained 2 labs lean muscle in 1 month. It is not a bad result keeping in mind that they are organic source of protein whereas whey I processed and contains exitotoxins. I read somewhere glutamiv acid present in whey will be conceded to MSG which suppresses T production.

did you read that from the same source that told you there’d be steroids in your whey protein?


I’d be more concerned with the whey protein being spiked with cheap filler and amino acids


If you’re going to eat all of that egg white, might as well eat the yolks. Lots of good stuff in there.


I have not read all of the responses so forgive me if some of this was already covered.

There is no question that one of the healthiest foods on earth is the egg. For example, one egg has about 13 essential vitamins and minerals and 6 grams of high quality protein. Best of all an egg contains all 9 essential amino acids. And it has a whopping 600mg of leucine. And as you may know leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis. That is exactly what you are after if you want to build muscle!

In addition to the above one egg has choline (for the brain) selenium (for the immune system), vitamin D which acts as a hormone in the body and helps us in more ways than I am able to list in a brief post. And also vitamin B12 for energy.

I am not denigrating whey protein at all and I think you should have your whey protein right after a workout as it will assimilate to your body (muscles) faster than any other type of protein. But don’t forget to consume eggs at least three times a week. They will help you achieve your goal of building quality muscle and at the same time help keep you healthy in the long run!

Good Luck With Your Training,



I agree with these two comments. Favor whole foods over fractionated/processed foods every time. Eat whole eggs regularly and you will see great results and health over the longterm.

That said, whey protein certainly has a place and use it as a post-workout source of protein for convenience and cost. But, it should not crowd out whole food sources of protein like eggs, chicken, etc…

Another thing - some threads/comments on here are geared towards those readying for competition where every macronutrient and timing of consumption may matter (I’ve never gone down that road, so I’m no expert there). But if you’re looking for longterm health and overall leanness and muscularity, whole eggs and whole food proteins should be prioritized.

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Gear adulteration into whey is limited to my country whereas glutamine thing is scientific.

send me some of that shit then please.

What steroids have been found to be in the whey protein in your country?

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I personally use plant protein powder and it tastes really good. Just offering another alternative if it piques your interest.

Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder