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Whey Protein - Too Much?


I am getting the majority of my protein from Whey shakes. I have about 5 (50g) shakes a day (40 grams protein per shake).

My carbs and good fat's are in check (I cycle carbs). I am living in South K, whey is dirt cheap ($28 for 3kg), meat and fish is extremely expensive. I have loads of eggs and chicken, but the majority of my protein comes from whey. My macro's are in check, I use ON 3 a day multivit, omega 3, vit c, calcium, magnesium. Does it really matter that I am using so much whey?


Does it matter regarding what?


I would think that as long as you're not dealing with any lactose, or gas issues, that it shouldn't matter. I know a guy who eats whey/PB/Oats 5x a day and he's in pretty damn good shape.



You know, if he throws in some cottage cheese with that, it probably won't have an effect one way or the other shape-wise, but he'll certainly be a happier man for it :).


It won't make a difference as far as weight gains or anything like that. Personally, I'd rather eat food that I enjoy than protein shakes. But with the price levels you noted... I can't blame you for just going the Whey way.