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Whey Protein Timing


i usually work out after work. when i get home i have a shake immediately but then dinner follows pretty soon after that. IS this ok? do i need more time between shake and meal? will this have any negative effects on muscle growth or weight loss?


You're fine. You could mix your protein drink up beforehand in a shaker bottle and have the PWO shake right after you finish lifting. This could help if you want more time between the shake and meal.


it's cool man, i normally slam a protien shake and a 5 dollar footlong at the same time


thanks guys. this brings up another question......

i read somewhere that protein shakes should be consumed right after mixing them with water. Something to do with the protein sitting in water or liquid for too long that will make it less effective. is this true or can i make my shake, bring it to the gym and drink it an hour later?



I don't think this is an issue.

I make my shake before I leave for the gym so I can have it right after I'm done with the weights.


Take your blender bottle with your protein and whatever with u to the gym and when you are done lifting go fill that shit up in the sink and then bam!


Wam, Bam thank you ma'am!!

Some of my gym buddies do the same. I just take my shake right when I get home..