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Whey Protein Shakes = Meal?


Do they constitute as meal replacement shakes or just protein.


Whey on its own doesn't really.


Add either carbs or fat to it, and depending on how many calories it is, it can be a meal.

Protein on its own isnt usually considered a meal.


Well if you all don't mind me asking, what is the best meal replacement shake. Like is slim fast good or is there something that is better. Preferably something cheap. Thanks.


that's perhaps the worst there is out there. Slim-Fast pisses me off to no end, nothing like suckering overweight people into a gimmick piece of crap product that won't help them reach their goals.

As far as your question, I'm sure some will attest to Bio-Test products, but since I've never tried their MRP, I can't comment.

I personally have started to like Muscle Milk.


You should try the Metabolic Drive.

Prior to finding this place I was buying various brands searching for something that tasted good.

When I first tried what was then called Grow!, I couldn't believe my taste buds. I like the chocolate and the orange flavors the most.

In particular, if you are a looking for an MRP, you may want to get the classic version, not the low-carb version. It tasted amazing, but I generally don't want the added carbs.


Take a high end protein powder that you can afford like Metabolic Drive, mix it with milk or water, add fruits if you need carbs, berries if you need antioxidants, or natural peanut butter if you need fats and blend.

MRPs that are costly are complete rip offs, you can achieve the same macro nutrient profile by adding real foods to your protein shakes.


Metabolic Drive and Grow! are pretty good choices in my opinion. I have 4 tubs coming my way, YAYYYY!!! haha