Whey Protein Shake for Mid-Afternoon Snack?

I eat 5 meals during the day. I eat a tuna sandwich plus a piece of fruit around 4PM. I workout at 6:30PM - 7PM at my house. As soon as I finish I have dinner. How can I include a whey protein shake into my diet:

  1. Substitute the tuna sandwich with whey protein shake at 4PM
  2. Have the shake post workout and push the dinner 2 hours more, around 9:30PM-10:30PM
  3. Have the shake and dinner after workout.

I am losing fat right now so I take into account the calories I am consuming.

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Short answer: Yes it can be substituted and you can include it wherever you want. Results will be pretty much the same.

Make sure stuff that is more important for successful dieting to improve body composition is on point before worrying about Food Composition. See below for a handy infographic from Renaissance Periodization. Consistency is most important followed by Caloric Balance and so on.

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This article explains why just having a solid meal that far in advance of training isn’t optimal.

Your best bet is to have the whey (mixed with water or maybe juice) during your training session and have dinner shortly after. Drop some of the calories from the tuna sandwich/fruit meal if you need to juggle the numbers for the day.

If you’re currently seeing results, why change anything?