Whey Protein Instead of Leucine Before Meal To Trigger Protein Synthesis?

Hi lifters!
I have a “technical” question. I’ve read Thib’s article “the hardgainer prescription” and for some time I’ve followed his tip to take 10-15g of Leucine before meals to better trigger protein Synthesis. Would you think that a scoop of whey protein would do the same trick?

Not to give an unhelpful answer here, but…

If @Christian_Thibaudeau says something works, it works.

So I would say if the powder has 10-15g of leucine in it, then yes, it would work.

Oh yeah, i just wanted to know if there was a cheap way to do the trick, Leucine (at least here in Italy) is very pricy.

For leucine to act as a trigger for muscle protein synthesis I believe the leucine threshold is somewhat shy of three grams. Postulate that maybe not all powders are created equal and have varying levels of bioavailability I’d reckon that 5 grams of leucine and some whey (which also contains leucine) is a more bank friendly alternative that will also supply you with other amino acids for synthesising muscle tissue. If ingested before a wholefood meal I’d forego the whey and have more meat.

Thanks for the good informations.

If you are looking to gain size I’d actually recommend the protein after eating. Eat your normal meal, once you finish, chug a scoop of protein. If you eat it just prior it may limit your appetite for the meal. (I stole this from Wendler).

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this advice from Wendler.