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Whey Protein Hydrolysate


my internet research tells me whey protein hydrolysate is superior to whey protein isolate post workout. why, then, is it so difficult to find hydrolysate supplements? it seems as though hundreds of companies are selling whey protein concentrates and isolates... but hardly any of them sell just whey protein hydrolysate.


Surge contains Whey Protein Hydro. Taste really good also, which is tough from what I hear. Hydro whey tends to taste bitter.


It cost more, so to cut costs, most supplement companies use a lower-grade of whey.


Bingo, these two got you covered it expensive and it aint just bitter it taste like holy hell plain so very hard to mask the taste into something near edible by the average persons taste



Exactly right, all of these points..it's pretty damn expensive...hell I go with isolate...for my money it's far superior, unless you got the big bucks, which then I would get the hydro...

             What do you use usually Phil?


WPH is great pre, during, and post workout, but it's not something you'd want most other times of the day.

It is very fast acting, but by the same token it doesn't do much to maintain blood amino acid levels.


I use Surge for my Max effort days at least. other then that some Metabolic Drive and a LOT of the Grow! whey



No one says it quite like Phill, lol.


yeah i was just looking for some to replace isolate in my pwo shake... the rest of the day i just eat whole foods for protein.


I have been using the ASN HP-100 and it has been fantastic, I really noticed gains within a fornight. Don't get the chocolate it tastes like ASS, a very bad amonia taste!! I am using the cappachino at the minute and it taste exactly the same a normal cap without sugar. It is expensive, so I would only use it at a PWO.

I have tried AST VP2 as well, but wasn't impressed. I didn't see any results like with the ASN.

That's my two cents!


ASN an australian brand sells 100% hydro but it is not cheap around $90 for 900 grams. In ameriacan terms thats $90 per pound.

Having said that if you can afford it it works extremely well and you put on muscle super fast.


900 grams is approximately 2 pounds.


why did this topic turn into a discussion of whey isolate instead of hydrosolate?

back to the original question- it is difficult to find because of the high quality, high price, gross taste stand-alone (without sweetner or masking agents-simple carbs,other proteins, for example)
I do not know of any commerical protein supplements besides Surge that rely exclusively on whey hydrosolate.