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Whey Protein Gone Bad?


Hello! last year I wrecked my shoulder and got out of the game for a while. A few weeks ago i started training again. I'm glad to be back in the gym.. and just have a question. I have a big tub of whey from before, it must be over a year old, but it looks/tastes fine. I mean, Its powder so.. whats the worst that can happen? Does anyone know if this stuff actually does expire?


Hell, try and little at a time. If you don't get a belly ache or throw up, then I'd eat it. With the price of this stuff, wouldn't waste it. Also wouldn't see why a year on the shelf would hurt it unless it was on a window sill in the sun each day!


You should be fine. Most supplements will be good for a few years or even longer. There is the potential, over time, that some of the ingredients in the powder could begin to breakdown, but it does not make it harmful to consume. So on that note, feel free to use it up!


awesome. It's a 6lb container so id hate to learn i have to throw it out. :slightly_smiling: