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Whey Protein for 1B?

Hi Coach.
You Said that type 1B should avoid BCAA because its competes with dopamin for neurotransmiters. What about Whey protein, that have naturally bcaas in its composition (5,5g for 25g for exemple)???

To be precise, BCAAs compete with tyrosine for absorption and transport which can lower dopamine. Whey is fine, just not pre-workout nor in the meals prior to the session. For example if the athlete trains at 2pm, I would avoid whey from the morning to the end of the session. So no whey prior to around 3:30 - 4:00.

But whey is less problematic than BCAAs because whey has tyrosine too, so the ratio would not be offset too much.

If you want/need to take a shake in the meals prior to your workouts, you can add 2-3g of tyrosine to your shake (that’s what I do because a shake is my first meal).

Fantastic explanation. I get the point.
My First meal is a shake with Whey, coffee and mct oil. I used to add L carnitine. I Will substitute this pill for Tyrosine.
Thank u Very much.

By the way: is L carnitine Fine too for 1B?
Can I take with Tyrosine?

Take 10 g of tyrosine before your workout its great !

Can a type 1b drink carb intra workout ( im doing crossfit training )

If it’s highly branched cyclic dextrin, yes

Thank you

Can you answer this, Coach?

L carnitine will not cause any problem; but it is not a great product. Acetyl-L-carnitine propionate works well, but regular L-carnitine doesn’t do much,