WHey Protein & Depression

Whey Protein can Contribute to a More Positive Mental Outlook and Better Performance

“The second most abundant component in whey protein is alpha-lactalbumin, which is high in tryptophan. A recent study looked at the relationship between tryptophan-rich diets and stress management. Scientists had previously learned that stress causes the serotonin levels in the brain to decrease and this can contribute to mood disorders, such as depression. The new study showed that a diet including alpha-lactalbumin enriched whey protein was helpful in improving mood levels and in increasing serotonin levels in the brain”.

Does anyone experiece improved moods with high amounts of Whey protein supplemention?

Yes definately I do. Though I also suffer from seasonal depression (need sunlight).

I do notice a difference in my mood levels when I train and ingest more protein on my off season.


I don’t really notice too much difference in mood myself when using whey powders.

There wouldn’t be that much of a difference in tryptophan absorbtion anyways due to competition with other amino acids through the blood brain barrier(BBB).

If you want the tryptophan to be absorbed in to the brain better it is best to take it alone on an empty stomach with some kind of high glycemic carb as insulin helps with the transport.