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Whey Protein Before Workout?

If you eat a high protein meal right after training should you take whey protein right before a workout? Or take whey protein with your meal after trainig, or is that too much protein at once? Is it beneficial to take whey protein right before training?

I would say take just around 15 grams before training. You dont use protein as energy right away so it can maybe help repair the muscle thats breaking dow nas you lift so it might keep you from being sore. After is a definite tho.

It’s beneficial to take whey protein anytime, however it is optimal if you take it before, during or after the workout with some high GI carbs.
So, the answer is yes… eat that protein. :slight_smile:

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I do whey+water 15 min before my workout. I also workout first thing in the am on an empty stomach.