Whey Protein + BCAAs

So, long story short, I’ve just recently discovered it’s vastly cheaper to order supplements online (I know, I know, colour me retarded). Thinking with the money saved I can improve upon my old faithful combo of whey protein and gatorade powder. Swap out the gatorade for some malto/dex, get some fish oil, try out some ZMA and creatine, maybe a different multi, yada yada etc etc.

The question I have is whether or not it’s a good idea to add BCAAs into a periworkout drink that’s already containing whey protein and a bunch of carbs. I’ve read nothing but good things about BCAAs, but mostly when used by themselves, and as an alternative to whey/carbs when on a low carb diet. As a competitive strength athlete generally looking to get stronger, going low carb isn’t very appealing to me.

So does it make sense to have a periworkout shake consisting of whey, malto/dex, AND BCAAs? Overkill? Too much added expense for not enough added benefit? Just a completely bad idea because of some scientific stuff like all the essential nutrients competing for the same pathways of absorption? Thoughts?

If you have a high-ish protein diet already, I probably wouldn’t add BCAA to my PWO shake.

That doesn’t mean I think BCAA are not useful.

if you choose to use BCAA’s i’d use them intra workout, ie during the workout. That way you prevent any catabolism and they also give you a little added energy boost/aid recovery etc…you know the score. That’s what i do personally anyway.

In my (humble) opinion more BCAA’s around a work out is never a bad thing.

As has been said taking them during is a great idea.

I use caps that according to the label take half an hour to dissolve/get used by the body, so I take a handful 30 mins out a handful with my warm up and a handful when I finish so I get some as I start half way through and when I finish

I’m going to be a stick in the mud and say it’s overkill if you are in a fed state, and already have whey in your peri-workout nutrition. I am not sure they would provide any benefit at all, and if they do it would be so marginal I doubt it would be quantifiable.

[quote]MAsteve wrote:
In my (humble) opinion more BCAA’s around a work out is never a bad thing.

Agreed. The powder is inexpensive and makes it easy to add 5-8 grams to shakes, both pre & post workout.

When it comes to eating I don’t ink the word overkill is a one we should use as dudes who like lifting heavy shit.

I have to say since using ‘too many’ BCAAs and whey around workouts I have noticed my recovery times plummet.