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Whey Protein Bad for You?



I am quite a beginner, I first worked out without taking any supplements. For about 6 months I take a whey protein shake after training, and whenever I feel my muscles the days after training.

I read in a book about genes a sentence that many guys on high school take steroids after training to get faster results. But it has a side effect that your testosteron level becomes very low or so. Is taking protein shakes bad for your body in any way???



I recommend reading these articles from JB:

Dear Mom and Dad:

The Protein Prejudice:

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You would do best following the sequence I posted.

Hope this helps.


Taking steroids and taking whey protein are too completely different things all together. Steroids are basically affecting your hormone levels in the hopes of building more mass, decreasing fat, etc. whereas whey protein is just a milk-derived protein and more akin to food. Cannot really compare the two.


I would only add that they do it in a most "unnatural" way. The long term effects of these illegal substances are yet to be realized. Everyone is an expert in the short term, they might not be looking too good in the long term.


Odd that you say they do it in the most unnatural way when in fact they do it in the most natural way there is.


Okay, thank you all so far!!

But what about your kidneys? How do you know when you take too much and are harming your kidneys?

Is it better to get the protein from natural things like fish and so?


Have the articles you read not? So impatient, you are, young Jedi...


You will know when your kidneys are hurt. Kidney pain is VERY noticable.


This answer is misleading. The kid will still believe that he is at a constant risk of "overdosing" on protein. He isn't.

Your body adapts to a greater protein intake (assuming proper overall nutrition), HOWEVER, one fact that has been skipped...is that if you are under maybe 180lbs in bodyweight, it should be beyond easy enough for you to get all of the protein you need from food sources alone with no supplementation needed at all.


I agree. Sadly, there even are people who claim that the benefits of a high protein diet are nothing more than a figment of the supplement industry. They support their claim by the alleged "fact" that supplements are the only way to meet those "excessive" demands.


I wholeheartedly agree. Very good clarification, ZEB.


Speaking of massive protein... and not being able to easily overdose on it... oh man, I had a big juicy steak about a pound and a quarter last night.

Tonights menu includes the bigger of the two steaks I picked up over the weekend. That baby is mine when I get home from some hard work at the gym this evening. Damn, I'm nearly drooling on myself here at work.

In short, if you are currently healthy, eating protein is not generally something you would have to worry about.


I am glad it wasn't only me that though his talking was odd. That was the first time I ever laughed out loud because of a forum post. Michael2507, you are my hero.


I've read that you are suposed to take 1g of proteins for each pound of your weight , and i've also read that if you take the instant powdered protein that after time your kidneys get mest up because itn gets to your system too fast so you should mix it with some oatmeal because it'll be more solid and the iron helps.


Yeah but before it messes up your kidneys it gets into your bloodstream and the body doesn't have enough time to adapt so you get a 27g protein injection into your brain stem, and pretty soon you are depressed and thinking of suicide.

Those powders are dangerous dangerous shit.


May I suggest the smaller of the two steaks as a tasty side dish?