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Whey protein and diabetes

What was Udo talking about at the SWIS symposium WRT whey protein causing juvenile diabetes? I’ve never heard anything remotely like that. Nor could I find anything online.

J Food Prot 1998 Aug;61(8):1007-12 ,

Selective hydrolysis of milk proteins to facilitate the elimination of the ABBOS epitope of bovine serum albumin and other immunoreactive epitopes.

Alting AC, Meijer RJ, van Beresteijn EC.

There has been speculation for many years that
there is some relationship between baby humans
ingesting cow milk and then developing type I
diabetes. There is some correlative evidence
to back this up. But the evidence is not
strong enough to establish any causal
relationship. The theory most often cited
about this relationship is that there is
some protein found in cow milk that causes an
immune reaction in those people genetically
predisposed to developing the reaction. The
person’s immune system then gets “confused”
between that protein and their own pancreatic
beta cells. Hence, their own immune system
then attacks their own beta cells. I’m
guessing that Udo was making an extrapolation
from cow milk in general, to whey protein
specifically. I don’t know of any research
that looks specifically at the whey protein to
type I diabetes connection (but I haven’t been
looking for any either). But there are many
studies on medline on the cow milk to type I
diabetes relationship. Keep in mind, like I
said, that currently a strong causal
relationship has not been demonstrated. That
doesn’t mean that mean it doesn’t occur, it
just means that it isn’t likely. Udo wasn’t
pulling theories out of his arse, but what he
stated is highly speculative.