Whey Protein and Bloating

I recently started taking whey protein again after a month-to-2 month break and I am now mentally noting the current status and changes over that period in my physiology. I’ve definitely lost a bit of body fat (I’m doing the modified 5:2 diet TC wrote about and I think it’s working pretty well) although my lifts haven’t progressed at the pace I’m accustomed to (this is my first attempt at a fat loss phase and the first “diet” I’ve seriously committed to).

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me they stopped supplementing whey because it made them “too fat.” Criticism of being unscientific aside, I started thinking about if it could apply to me. Just looking myself at the mirror my face is sharper than when I was taking whey but I also recently started dieting down.

I’m going to pay attention to how my body reacts now with the diet and training remaining constant. I’m not lactose intolerant but I’m curious what your guys’ opinion is on whey protein and bloating/inflammation.

Supplements like Whey contain a certain number of calories, so if you don’t adjust the rest of your diet and just add a protein shake, it could potentially lead to weight gain.

Shitty protein powder with fillers and just low quality ingredients will no doubt cause some issues.

100% natural whey isolate for me. Since I use it so much I know I need to spend a little more so I don’t run into problems.
I also use 100% natural oats and whey. Again, there is a cheaper non 100% natural line, but I spend a little more for the peace of mind.