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Whey Pre-Workout....


Yo guys,

I've heard that consuming some whey Pre-Workout can help with adding muscle. I plan on starting to this, how long before my workout should I have it? This is what my peri-workout nutrition look like now:

3:00 - Whole Wheat Cereal w/ milk
(4-500 cals, 20-30 g protein, rest carbs)

4:30 - workout

5:15 - PWO shake

I think 30 min Pre-WO would be good since it takes about 15-30 min for whey to be fully digested, right?

Also...I currently have 2-3 whey servings per day. One with breakfast, one with in school snack (whey + peanut butter + lil milk = pudding), one PWO. How can I reduce my consumption of whey??

I can't cook eggs or anything for breakfast, so that serving must stay. As for my snack...got any ideas to replace the pudding?


peri = during... I believe.

Take it 45 min to an hour before with some carbs.



DG, ignore my PM the forums are working for me

I can't really change meal times...so do you think I should just add the whey to the 3:00 meal?


peri = "around" or "near"

so peri-workout nutrition would include, pre, post, and during, would be my definition.


whats the word people like to use for 'during workout' I just lift heavy stuff I haven't had an English class for a few years. lol



I've read similar things about using whey both before and after training. However, sometimes I need to have something solid in my gut or I can't bust my ass. I've found that eating a bowl of cottage cheese fills me a bit more, but is still light enough to have 1/2 an hour before training.




1/2 hr before every meal i have 2 scoops of whey.

Then the actual meal.

I am a believer in it yes.


I usually workout real early in the morning and don't have time to digest protein, so either a scoop of whey isolate (when i don't have BCAA) or i just use BCAA instead of whey pre workout with some gatorade.

BCAA is better than isolate even because you don't have to worry about digestion. Protein gets broken down into amino acids anyways. Problem is that BCAA isn't as complete as isolate or protein in its AA profile.

But does it really make a difference? You will have a shake after u workout anyways.


the last year or so ive done about 20 grams of whey isolate 30 min before my workout its helped me with soreness muscle retention and kepping gains long term


I thought it was better to have your whey after your workout, because it is fast digesting. So after your workout it has a higher chance of being turned into muscle?


The most ideal is to use BCAA before and during workouts, even after it can be used. Then wait a bit (within 30 min window) of working out, u take the protein.

Reason is that BCAA doesn't have to be broken down any further and thus, your digestive system doesn't have to output anymore energy to break down the protein to feed your muscles after you workout.

Take BCAA w/ gatorade, or similar to drive up your insulin levels to better absorb the BCAA (use as muscle fuel + recovery agent) then use the protein once ur body has "calmed" down a bit but still within the 1 hour of working out.


Within one hour? I'm confused now. How come Surge says to eat 1-2 hours after you workout?


After doing some research, mayo clinic and other journals 1-2 hours after working out seems to have the most benefit.