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Whey Peptides


What exactly are Whey Peptides and are they superior to Whey Concentrate/Isolate for muscle building?


Hydrolyzed whey and simple carbs (like in Surge) is what you want pre and post-workout. Whey only proteins, peptides or otherwise, are inferior other times of the day to real food or a casein-heavy protein.


Are Whey Peptites worth the additional expense versus Whey Concentrate /Isolate?


They are worth the cost for Post workout and even pre workout meals. Other times of the day they are very useless and costly compared to real food and slower digesting proteins.


If you read some of John Berardi's and David Barr's articles regarding whey hydrosolate and Surge, you'll find that the whey hydrosolate in Surge is a good way to get the whey peptides you're looking for.


hmmm...Do you think they're preferable than whey hydrosolate? I think the best approach would be either to buy Surge or make your own PWO drink with hyrdosolate, dex and malto.


This has been discussed about a million times on the forums. John Berardi and David Barr have several articles on these topics, and there are many additional threads on the economics and pracitcality of making your own home-brew Surge.