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Whey + Milk?

me and my friend have been having a debate, it seems almost a sin with him too mix whey concentrate with milk, he believes with water is the only way too drink it.

now im just looking for some opinions on this, btw he is trying to bulk up so the lack of calories with milk cant be helping. Is my thoughts on this wrong? that there is nothing wrong with mixing whey concentrate with milk after a workout?

milk + whey = good for bulk

Try whey, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit. You can get more than 1000 calories into one of these beauties. Guaranteed bulk meal. Drink after your workout.

Thank me later.

I left all my whey protein isolate and my 50/50 malto/dextrose mix at home last time I visited.

So I’ve been having a shake consisting of chocolate milk, extra dextrose, and whey concentrate plus some BCAAs and creatine PWO.

It’s been working out fine.

The only reason why I wouldn’t use milk is because I find the powder doesn’t mix as well in it. I’d rather have milk than a whey shake for bulking any day, however.

I think it was said a while back on this site that the best way to mix your whey protein post-workout shake is with water so it gets to your muscles faster. Mixing it with milk will only slow the process because of the slow digestive proteins in milk… which isn’t really optimal, right? Regardless, I’m sure in the end there isn’t a huge difference …

I agree with everyone else: it’s not an optimal situation, but can still be considered very good.

The insulin spike from the milk and whey is particularly helpful post-workout -a fact that is often ignored when analyzing this combination.

I would say its the best on a budget post-workout drink there is.

My favorite weight gaining shake was

2 cups milk
2 scoops whey
1/2 cottage cheese
1 banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter

Oh man was that tasty. I bulked up from my normal 207 up to 225 for weightlifting. This shake and squats are what I thank for my bulking.