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Whey=Loss Of Definition?

Hey guys I am just wondering if anyone else gets horrible bloat after using whey protein powder. I’ve tried a couple different brands but all cause my definition to get blurry even when my calories are below maintenance and I am using low amounts like 25-30 grams at a time. I’m hesitent to try casein (from the protein factory) because both are dairy proteins. Any thoughts?

Do you get the same bloated feeling whenever you drink milk? If so you might have lactose intolerance and taking a couple of lactaid tablets before you have your protein shakes might help .

VERY common, I get it with every protein powder I try. I’m lactose intolerant but even the low lactose powders make me bloated, I just avoid them altogther and stick with real food which is and always will be superior to supplements. Also could be a food allergy, either way fat loss is much better without whey and eggs and cheese for that matter.

Flex–I thought that i was the only one who had that problem with all the protein powders that I’ve tried. Glad to know there are others.

Kelly, no the problem does not happen with milk or other dairy but I guess I could give the lactaid pills a try anyway.

Flex, what kind of protein do you eat when you are looking for a nonfat source of protein. I like to add my own fat or have the option of leaving it out completely. Any suggestions? Thanks.

My body reacts the same way to straight whey
and to protein blends that are primarily whey
based. I don’t have this problem with casein
or blends that are mostly casein. I don’t
have this problem with milk protein isolate
either, which is 20% whey. So you might want
to consider trying straight casein, milk
protein, or a protein blend that has less than
20% whey. Hope that helps.


so what would your diet look like, could you give a brief outline?

Dave P

Flex I would love to hear your choices for fat free protein sources.

Free Extropian, where can I find milk protein isolate, I’ve never heard of it before. Any brands you reccomend?

Also I know about casein but didn’t think I could get just straight casein (except from protein factory). Can you tell me where I could find that as well? And is there any difference in getting micellar casein versus calcium caseinate Thanks for the help.

Just a quick note: don’t give up on protein powders until you’ve tried Adbanced Protein. Biotest is the only company using something called GDL. Here’s what TC said about it in a past issue: "What most of you don’t know is that our Advanced Protein
product contains something called GDL, which is a really cool
probiotic. It serves as “food” for the beneficial bacteria in the
gut, and it leads to better digestion, reduced bloating and
gas (if you have those problems in the first place), and even
increased nitrogen retention.

                      It’s been used in Japan for several years, but I believe we’re
                      the only company in America that’s using it."<P>Now, if you can't use AP without problems then you're truly SOL! 

Yeah, I know that Dorian Yate’s ProPeptide (Protein Powder) has alot of probiotics in it, from what I gather, that’s what’s supposed to set it apart. I know that some of the T-Mag writers have said that they would only reccomend AP (Advanced Protein, Propeptide or (I THINK) Met-Rx protein. However, ProPeptide doesn’t mix well AT ALL without a blender and it tastes pretty average, for a protein poweder (I don’t think that the “average” protein powder tastes that good). I’ve never had any of the digestion problems with AP or ProPeptide that I have with other brands, I choose AP because of the taste and texture.

MetRx Protein Plus is primarily milk protein
isolate with some caseinate and a little whey.
That worked well for me except for the
aspartame. Dorians protein only product also
is primarily milk protein (with aspartame).
Muscle Link also has a product called Pro
Fusion which is primarily milk protein which
worked well for me (no aspartame). If you
don’t mind pre-mixed (in cans) Premier
Nutrition and Worldwide also have pre-
mixed that are milk protein. (no
aspartame). I do think in terms of taste (at
least for vanilla) that Advanced Protein is
the best protein product out there. However I
have to disagree with Chris about AP digestion

  • at least for me. For me, AP has too high a %
    of whey - and the probiotics don’t help this.
    I still used AP off and on though for the
    taste. Protein Factory has milk protein
    isolate. They also have 2 types of casein -
    caseinate and micellar. Their caseinate is
    kind of nasty. But IMHO the micellar is just
    awesome. Their micellar casein is my favorite
    protein of all time. I either get it straight,
    or I mix it with a small amount of whey (note
    that this is not a good choice for post wkot).
    Try one or more of the ones above and see if
    they work for you. One last point: I have to
    strongly disagree with those who say “protein
    is protein” and it really doesn’t matter
    except for taste. For me it makes a HUGE
    difference. For those people who say it
    doesn’t, then maybe they aren’t sensitive to
    different proteins. But not everyone is so
    lucky. I’m picky about protein because I have
    to be.

Chris, I actually did not know that. Anyway I will give it a try…unless of course you would like to send me a sample. Na that’s o.k. I can dig up the cash from under a couch cushion or something. Thanks for the info.

free Ex, i kinda agree w/ you here, after having straight eas 5lb whey for several months, i honestly think perhaps my gains aren’t as good. Anyway, i have yet to use the micellar casein from pf, what are some decent flavorings for it? besides chocolate, i get sick of that one.

Thanks for that review, I really appreciate the honesty concerning the different whey powders. I will give that casein a try.

One last question: Have you tried egg white protein powder? I just did, and did not find it to be as problematic as whey. I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Thanks.

Taker: For me, egg white protein powder works
OK. Not as good as casein, but better than
straight whey. The biggest problem I have with
egg white protein is that it causes me to
fumigate buildings, if you uh, catch my
“drift.” :slight_smile:

dman: I usually just get vanilla flavor. To be honest PFs vanilla flavoring isn't all that great. You might want to try a variety of flavors. But the protein quality/efficacy is very good (for me), and the texture is awesome - it's really light and "fluffy" - hard to explain.

sorry for the delayed rosponse. Anyway, I find my best source, as well as my main source of protein, is top round steak. I firmly believe red meat is the best protein for health, building muscle and maintaining it during fat loss. This comes from personal experience as well as Dr. Serrano’s, Dr. DiPasquale’s, Beverly and Poliquin’s opinions. Also get protein from chicken, turkey, and other lean cuts of red meat like eye round, etc. I get the same bloating from eggs that I get from protein drinks, so they’re out. When I switch to the Anabolic Diet i’ll use ground beef and bacon. But I get best results from very high protein, very low carbs and moderately low fat.