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Whey: Kosher/Halal

Hi All,

I am in search of any whey supplements that are kosher or halal (islamic equivalent of kosher). From what i’ve read the only thing that makes whey unsuitable for practicing jews/muslims (and some vegetarians) is the use of rennet (enzyme of a cow’s stomach) to coagulate the milk during the curdling process (which is how the whey is derived). Now, it is possible to coagulate the milk alternately, such as microbial rennet to acheive a source of whey that is suitable for consumption by the above mentioned people. I am finding it hard to locate this information from labels of the many out there (The symbols UD, KD, and COR on products are used to denote their kosher/halal status but I can’t see these either). I would really appreciate a hand with this. Thanks.