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Whey Isolate for Lactose Intolerance?


I found out I was lactose intolerant a couple months ago so I cut out all dairy and my whey concentrate and my stomach is much better now. Missing a protein shake, I’ve read most whey isolates don’t bother lactose intolerant people. Is this true for all of you that are lactose intolerant? Thanks guys


Yes, I don’t have any problem with whey isolate.Buy a small amount first and see how you react to it.


If It is just some sort of protein that you’re looking for then you can try MuscleMeds Carnivore, Its made from beef protein, I had it a couple times and good, although a little bit more expensive, but it shouldn’t give you any stomach issues.

P.S get the fruit punch flavor because all of the others are a bit gnarly.


Slighlty lactose intolerant, Hydrolysed whey gives the least issues for me. And yeah, as above some of the beef proteins out now pretty good also