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Whey, is it good or bad?


Hiya fellow T-folks. (must be politicaly correct today. (well sometimes) Here is my question. I read the story about Soy and its evils. Now what about Whey? I am starting to get back into shape (I won't even tell you my weight and body fat % since you would cringe)and so far have lost 12 pounds this month alone on just eating better. I am now ready to start with my workouts. I am curious though if there are any side effects with suppliments that have whey? Help??


Whey is not bad, but a blend is better. Read the protein articles written by Cy Willson at T-mag. One compared all the proteins. Sorry, can't remember the title.

 Look at previous issues and old posts...geez!!!


I believe the question was whether or not there were any known negative side effects to whey. The answer is no... not really. Some people don't tolerate concentrate well (probably because of the lactose). CFM whey is supposed to maintain some healthy fractions that may help stimulate the body to form antioxidants like Glutathione (or something to that effect... for more info, look for some articles on whey by Will Brink). Whether or not you want to take whey alone will have to do with your goals.