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Whey Intolerance: Pea Protein Shakes?

Hi folks,

I get really bad indigestion/chest pain with whey protein. Bad enough that I think its intolerance/allergy, although I’m fine with normal milk.

I’m going to try pea protein shakes. I’ll generally be using them straight after a workout and then eating 40 mins after that (time for me to get home, shower and cook).

1: will that keep me within my protein window, even tho pea is apparently inferior to whey?
2: Any recommended brands?
3: I want to try casein protein before bed. If whey is bad for me, is it likely that casein will be to?


Just eat real food and thats it

What if I can’t eat real food within 30 mins otherwise?

Are you eating within an hour? Then you are probably fine

Cool, thanks mate.

Lastly, what if I’m under my overall protein for the day but near my kcal limit.

I’m 92kg (about 200lbs) and aiming for 140-160g of protein per day.

You will loose all your gain

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Any thoughts on casein, both before bed but also as a general replacement for whey, given said intolerance?

You will be just fine. I am using it for several years now. It was a good alternative to soy for me since I am vegan.

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I mix Pea protein with equal amount of rice protein. The amino acids that are low in the pea protein are high in the rice. Balances out very well to make a complete protein.


yes, prob much worse even

Just get in plenty of quality protein form wholefoods especially beef
Beef and egg protein powders got pretty good recently and far preferable to pea

also can load up on Intraworkout BCAA/amino products if have a bit of coin

Humapro been very popular with big guys here a over the years also

Yes pea is inferior to whey, but better than nothing.

Whole foods are your best bet, and your best results will come from getting enough protein there. If you really can’t get more protein from food, then a vegan blend would be better than pea protein only to try and round out the amino profile. Something that combines pea, hemp, rice and others would be good.

Hey guys,

That’s great advice, thank you.

I’ve actually started with Caesin and it feels ok With me bizarrely!