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Whey Hydrosylates


Where can I get good whey hydrolysates and maltodexterin? I know it's difficult to find good whey hydrosylates as companies lie about the contents of their protein.

Surge is a good drink, but I am trying to find a cheaper alternative by concocting my own brew of my post and preworkout drink.


You can get maltodexterin just about anywhere, but I have yet to see a pure whey hydrosylate powder. I have seen a few whey blends that have it, along with isolate and concentrate.

And last I heard pure whey hydrosylate tastes my vomit.


You should try protein factory, true protein and all those design your own protein companies.


It does. I know a place that sells it. PM me if you're interested. I used to mix my own shake. These days I prefer Surge both for taste and convenience.


I belive baby formula has whey hydroslate in it, but I am not sure how much or where it stands price wise with Surge, but it might be worth checking into.


Don't but a cup of coffee each day, and you will pay for two servings of Surge. I did make my own post and pre drink before Surge came out, and it wasn't as effective with whey isolate. And the only whey hydrolsate you can buy tastes horrible. Try to support the website that gives you tons of free info.


Thanks guys. I did decide to support the website after all and placed an order for Surge after what you guys said.