Whey Hydrosylate Protein

I just read solving the post workout puzzle and now im trying to reconstruct my post workout nutrition. I’ve read all about Surge, and it seems like a great product, but i dont think I can afford it for the little amount it comes with. Do you guys know of any other similiar proteins that are like Surge, or at least whey- hydrosylate based. It seems like everything is whey isolate.

I wouldn’t get caught up in that mess if I were you. Just get some quality whey and dextrose and get in the gym. Too many people freak out about hydrosylate bla bla bla. Ever occur to you Biotest freaks that thousands upon thousands of people all around the world achieve killer physiques without an ounce of Surge?

I’m not saying Surge isn’t great, just don’t worry about it if you can’t afford it or whatever your reason is. Dymatize and ON are two great proteins. Now Foods sells a 15lb bag of dextrose. Supplements are less than 10% of the equation so don’t spend 90% of your time worrying about getting them 100% “right”.

I’ve gone through the time and hassle of putting my own version of Surge together and it just wasn’t worth it. It tasted horrible and didn’t save a significant amount of money.

If you can’t afford Surge, just stick to whey protein and grape juice for now. IMO you won’t see the same results, but it’s better than nothing.

You need protein (WPI is a great protein source it’s not hydro or bust) and fast acting carbs post workout. Where you get those from depends on your finances but make sure you are getting them.

Post workout nutrition also doesn’t end with that shake, make sure you are eating a high protein meal about an hour after (carbs in that meal depend on your goal).

While I do love Surge, I sympathize with you on the budget constraints. Being a college student, I’d say for every month I’m able to train with Surge, there’s 3 that I’m without it.

The best results I’ve had for homemade PWO shake was:
20g’s Bulk BCAA’s
20g’s Bulk Whey Concentrate Protein
60g’s Bulk Dextrose

Be warned, this does NOT taste good. Hence why I prefer Surge.