Whey Hydrolysate Peri Workout?

Why the recommendation by Dr. Berardi to consume whey hydrolysate during the workout and post workout period?

If I’m consuming a good serving of protein at least six times per day including shortly before and shortly after my workout, can’t I assume there are plenty of aminos in my blood at this time?

Seems to me that the speed of digestion would not be an issue during or after a workout if I just consumed protein shortly before my workout.

That’s well thought out and you’re exactly right; there will be sufficient amino’s to prevent catabolism and potentially even stimulate anabolism.

The idea behind a pre-workout liquid meal is to stimulate insulin and amino acid spikes which will stimulate protein synthesis even further.

In other words, a solid meal is good but not optimal.

This is all outlined with plenty of examples in The Anabolic Index Optimized Nutrition Manual, which will be out early next month.